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Last Man Out
Jon Smith, JKS Pictures, UK, 1h06min
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If you had the only master key available on 9/11, what would you have done with it?

On 911, the janitor of the North Tower of The World Trade Center William Rodriguez, came into work late.


He held the only master key that day and was the person in charge of the stairwells. When Flight AA11 slammed into the North Tower, Rodriguez with complete disregard for his own safety re-entered the building three times helping people to escape.

Finally proceeding to lead the fire department up the stairwells unlocking the doors saving unknown hundreds in a desperate attempt to reach his friends at Windows Of The World Restaurant on the 106th floor. Rodriguez made it to the 39th floor but was told to go back.


He was found buried alive under a fire truck after 4 hours of searching through the rubble of ground zero. He didn't break a bone.


Since the day, Rodriguez's testimony has been edited and manipulated by the corporate media. This documentary hears the historic testimony in full and un-edited. It then goes on to corroborate what he is saying and examines his motivations behind his quest for the truth.

Although I first filmed Willie in 2007 when he was on a tour of the UK, he has been reluctant for me to tell his story -- not least because he was arrested in 2010 -- until now.  

The 20th anniversary has sparked all sorts of new interest in the events of 9/11.


 In an age of universal distrust in mainstream, corporate media, more and more people are checking the evidence for themselves by watching and listening to eyewitness accounts, generally told through independent filmmakers, like myself.


This is a compelling eye-witness testimony of The Day That Changed Everything from a White House-honoured American Hero.

Kenny's Full Testimony re 9/11
Jon Smith, JKS Pictures, UK, 15min

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Kenny Johanneman, who was interviewed in Last Man Out, was in the North Tower when it was hit on the day of 9/11.  Here, he relates his experience of explosions in the basement, far away from where the impact zones 80+ storeys above.  He worked with Willie to help him pull dying and injured people from the rubble.  


There can be an intense personal toll on those who stand up for the truth as they are maligned by the ignorant.  In the case of Kenny, this meant he took his own life -- three days after I interviewed him at his New York home.  


His eyewitness testimony, which was never heard by the 9/11 Commission, is vital evidence as many question the truth, particularly as we reach the 20th anniversary of the attacks that changed everything.


For this reason, Last Man Out is dedicated to his memory.